Those who seek membership

Anyone seeking Membership in Freemasonry MUST ASK a Masonic Lodge to recommend him. He must sign a Petition, stating his age, occupation and place of residence. Members of the Lodge vote by secret ballot. To be accepted, the ballot must be unanimous.

Click here to read some of the frequently asked questions about Masonry.

If you’re interested in the Craft, the best way to begin your journey is to use our Friend 2 Friend network. Click here to e-mail our Friend 2 Friend contact person or use the form below. We can help answer any questions you may have, arrange for you to meet some of the brothers, and take a tour of our Lodge.

Read some information from the Grand Lodge about Masonry.

Milwaukie #109 has one of the most active and diverse memberships you will likely find.

Petitioning for membership

The process of joining the lodge starts with what is known as “Petitioning” the lodge for membership – essentially, asking to join. The Petition must be filled out, signed, and mailed to the lodge or given to your sponsor. Initiation Fees must accompany the Petition, but will be refunded in full if for some unusual reason your petition is rejected.

If you are just curious about our lodge and want to attend an event, contact our Friend-to-Friend committee and they will help you, and answer any questions you may have about our fine fraternity.

If you would like a petition immediately, please fill out this form completely and someone will get in touch with you right away. Press send when done!

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